Angelina Y. George

About Book

About Book

In Angelica and the Buzz, the protagonist Angelica traverses the colorful world around her in this heartwarming tale. Join her as she explores the ups and downs of growing up, facing challenges, and discovering her inner strength. Through the lens of a young African American girl, the story depicts the essence of friendship, resilience, and self-discovery. As Angelica encounters her mischievous nemesis, Damien and grapples with the changes in her body, readers are encouraged to explore themes of courage and acceptance. With each page turned, readers are transported into a world where every obstacle becomes an opportunity for growth, where every setback is a chance to rise stronger. Angelica’s story is about overcoming challenges, embracing individuality, celebrating diversity, and finding beauty in one’s uniqueness. Through enchanting storytelling and lively characters, the book inspires readers to embrace their own quest for self-discovery and empowerment.

From Creative Word to Creative Visuals

Immerse yourself in the enchanting tale of Angelica and the Buzz. Experience the magic of storytelling brought to life with engaging visuals.

Young, Gifted and Black Coloring book for African American Boys:: 40 grayscale Illustrations that build positive self image and love for their culture

This is a great coloring book for African-American boys to build self-esteem and confidence.There are over 40 illustrations that boost postiivity and creactivity. It a grat gift any young boy to build:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Confidence
  • Prid in their culture
  • Educational
  • Self-Worth

Queens Coloring Book: Celebrating the beauty of Black and Brown Women all over the World

Young,Gifted & Black Coloring Book: 40 pages of grayscale illustrations that build positve self image and promote Black Excellane in Black Girls

Young, gifted & Black is a coloring book for African american Girls that will help build:

  • Self Esteem
  • Positvie Self image
  • Pride in thier culture
  • Self Worth
  • Creativity

This book is a great gift for any young girl and to share with famlily and friends.

Girls Trip Sisters:: A travel journal to prepare for your girs trip, with outfit planner,to do list and flight information log and coloring pages.Let'go Sistahs!!!

This journal is a grt gift to surprise all your gilrs wih before your next girls trip, it has

  • Outfit Planner
  • To do list
  • Flight Informaton Log
  • journ pages
  • coloring pages
  • Self-Care tracker
  • Easy password tracker

Pick up your copy today.

My Enchanted Garden: record book, lawn and plants tracker,garden organizer and notebook

A great gift for the Gardeners in your life, includes:

  • Lawn and Plant tracker
  • Gardening list
  • Weekly Gardening Planner
  • Organizer
  • Notebook

Ger your copy today

Happy Mother's Day Coloring Book: For any mom to enjoy with ove 40 illustrations to relax ,rejuvate and put a smile on your moms face

A get mother’s day gift for any mom. Over 40 illustration to color an keep as a keepsake. This color book will help mom to:

  • Relax
  • Rejuevenate
  • Stres less
  • Enjoy herself

Most of all put a smile on her face, this mothers day get your copy today.

My little Princess Journal/Coloring book: for black and brown girls ages 4-12, 40 pages of illustrations to inspire and uplift

A great book for little black aand brown girls that will help build

  • Self Esteem
  • Self Love
  • knowledge of thier culture
  • Positive images
  • Great for family trips/travel

Get your copy today God bless

A Black Womans Guide to Spritual Healing and Wholeness: Eight paths to Spritual Healing,Self love,Food &Nutrition,Physical Health and Wholeness

This journal is for Black women that are looking for a new begining and relaese on life. There are tips on how to acheive Spitual healing, healthy diet ,self love and wholenss. The Black womans’s guide to healing and wholeness is a great gift for any woman desiring to move forward in life and is ready to start a new begining.

  • Eight Paths to Spritual Healing
  • Eight Paths to Self-love
  • Eight Paths to Food& Nutrition
  • Eight Paths to Physical Health
  • Eight Paths to Wholeness

Messages from God to my Daughters: Holy Spirit Inspired messages for daily living

This journal is an accompaniment to the soon to be released book Messages from God to my DaughtersHoly Spirit Inspired messages for daily living. The book is a compliation of short stories about life experiences/situations and Gods reponse to those experiences.Messages from God to my Daughters is perfect for any woman that has faced obstacles in relationships, love, depression, heartache, faith fights etc.. this book is for you. God has a solution for every situation and problem we face. For more information please visit

In this 70 page journal you will discover God’s love, power, and strength . The journal has scriptures and prayer list that will improve your relationship with God and his word .This journal can fit into any purse or back pack and is great for those intimate times with you and the heavenly Father. In addition, there are several pages for journaling and making notes. This journal is truly life-changing make sure you get your copy today. God Bless

My Wedding Planning Journal: Includes yearly planner and daily planning sheets,wedding guest list and note pages

A great book for any bride to be, to plan her big day.This journal includes:

  • A yearly planner
  • Daily Planner
  • Wedding Guest list
  • pages for notes

Get your copy today.

Check Yo Sugar, Suga: A year long Diabetic Glucose Monitorring log and weekly food tracker journal

A year long Diabetic Glucose Monitorring log and weekly food tracker journal, includes exercise tracker.You can use this journal to keep track of :

  • Daily Blood Sugar levels
  • Daily Exercise
  • Weekly Meal Planing
  • Weekly Shoping list
  • Daily Insulin dosage

All of your diabetic care in one journal,purchase today