Angelina Y. George

About Author

About Author

Angelina Y. George is a passionate writer and storyteller dedicated to sharing the African American experience through the lens of Black women. Growing up in the ‘80s, she developed a love for writing that has persisted throughout her life. Her graphic novel series, Angelica and the Buzz, explores the challenges of puberty and adolescence in the 1970s and ‘80s era.

With a background in entertainment through Black Girl Productions and Black Girl Media, Angelina aims to empower and uplift black women and people of color through her books, films, and media projects.

Through her diverse range of works, including coloring books, journals, eBooks, and audio content, she seeks to bring untold stories and voices to light, promoting empowerment and change in our world. Join Angelina on a voyage of discovery and empowerment through her enthralling storytelling.

Angelina Y. George’s Vision


Angelina’s vision highlights the author’s deep dedication to magnifying Black voices and experiences. Through her storytelling talent, she aims to uplift and inspire marginalized communities, fostering a literary world where every voice is acknowledged and every story is cherished, creating a more inclusive and empathetic world.